Appointment & Access Number

Appointments Ohio: 866.320.4573
Florida: 877.463.2010
Canada: 888.507.6885
Nevada (Neurology): 702.483.6000
Cleveland Clinic Childrens: 216.444.5437
Questions Ohio: 800.223.2273
Florida: 866.293.7866
Nevada (Neurology): 702.483.6000
Canada: 888.507.6885
Admitting (Patient Registration) 216.444.2029
Billing & Finance 216.445.6249
Global Patient Services +1.216.444.6404
Referring a Patient 855.733.3712
Directions 216.444.9500
General Information 216.444.2200
Patient Experience/Concerns (Ombudsman) 216.444.2544
Virtual Second Opinions 216.444.3223

Doctors & Locations

Find a Doctor Find detailed information on all Cleveland Clinic providers
Institutes & Departments Get phone numbers for all areas of clinical and special expertise
Cleveland Clinic Main Campus Buildings Includes phone numbers and directions
Regional Hospitals Includes phone numbers, directions and specialties
Northeast Ohio Family Health & Wellness & Specialty Centers Includes phone numbers, directions, specialties and hours
Northeast Ohio Emergency, Express & Urgent Care Clinics Includes phone numbers, directions and hours
Cleveland Clinic Florida Includes locations in Weston, West Palm Beach and more
Cleveland Clinic Canada 888.507.6885
Cleveland Clinic Nevada Includes locations in Las Vegas

Pharmacy & Laboratory Services

Cleveland Clinic Pharmacies Includes phone numbers, directions and hours
Laboratory Locations Includes phone numbers, directions and hours

Main Campus Services

Cashier 216.444.6848
Chaplain 216.444.2518
Concierge 216.636.1288
Emergency Department Registration 216.445.4500
Hospitality  216.445.0606
Lost and Found and Administrative Services Center 216.444.2253
Meditation Chapel 216.444.2518
On-Demand Campus Shuttle 216.444.8484
Parking Services 216.444.2255

Pastoral Care

On-Call Pastoral Care Pager



Patient Information 216.444.2000

Police Department For a non-emergency

For a police emergency

216.444.2250 or dial ext. 42250 from a hospital phone.


Social Services 216.444.6552
Volunteers 216.445.6986

Hot Lines, Answer Lines and Education

Cancer Answer Line 216.444.7923
Toll-free: 866.CCF.8100
Heart and Vascular Resource Nurse 216.445.9288
Toll-free: 866.289.6911