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Education Institute

The Education Institute oversees many of the training and education programs Cleveland Clinic offers to a global audience of healthcare professionals, including physicians, medical students, residents, fellows, health professions students and caregivers, and more. Each year, the Education Institute records more than 2 million education encounters with its various programs and activities by healthcare professionals as well as consumers from around the world.
Why Choose The Education Institute

Why Choose The Education Institute

From Cleveland Clinic’s earliest days, education has been an integral element of our vision, emblazoned on the walls of the original Cleveland Clinic building: “Care of the sick, investigation of their problems, and further education of those who serve.” Embodying that vision, the Education Institute has been a vital component of Cleveland Clinic since its founding in 1921. Today, our vision remains unchanged — teaching those who serve — but our scope has widened greatly to encompass the entire Cleveland Clinic community of more than 50,000 staff and employees.

The centers within the Education Institute are organized into three functional units around core activities.

Student & Faculty Development, Professional & Educational Resources

Student & Faculty Development | Cleveland Clinic's Education Institute

Student & Faculty Development

This unit is organized around teaching students along with developing our faculty so that they can become better teachers.

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Technical & Education Resources | Cleveland Clinic's Education Institute

Technical & Education Support

This unit provides the necessary resources and training to help support our educational initiatives.

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Education Institute Areas of Interest

Academic Opportunities

Learn about our many Academic Opportunities available.

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Global Executive Education

Executive education helping you and your organization build towards a brighter future.

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Health Management Education

Discover more about Health Management Education programs at Cleveland Clinic.

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Student Housing

Let us help you find housing while you're training at Cleveland Clinic.

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Strategic Collaborations

The Education Institute collaborates with various educational partners to offer advanced degrees and leadership development as well as to train future physician investigators.

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Find information on medical illustrations, Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine content and CME materials.

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Advertising and Sponsorship

Discover Cleveland Clinic's Journal of Medicine and Surgical Training Programs.

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CME Certification

Educational design consulting and certification.

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Conference Services

Complete event management.

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Custom Online Learning Modules

All phases of eLearning solutions.

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Executive Speakers Bureau

Cleveland Clinic executives and clinical leaders share their expertise with your audience.

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Our Staff

Find professional and biographical information about our Cleveland Clinic staff members who have primary appointments in the Education Institute.

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Education Resource Library

Education Resource Library

Access information, newsletters and podcasts related to education at Cleveland Clinic.

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